Saturday, March 5, 2011

Electioneering and Missing Peoples

Some interesting events in the Student Union Election Race have come across the Inkblot desk. It is a strange election in changing times. The campus is changing its shape and has recently acquired a new president. In this context we have many candidates who have been long involved in the SU and some not involved at all. What has been the most interesting aspect of this elections for us ‘Observers’ is the manner in which it is being fought.

SU elections have always been about sweets, silly gimmicks and putting stickers on people in the various night haunts around Maynooth. However this election has taken on a far more aggressive stance on the bombardment of the Maynooth night life. So much so we have seen Bar Staff sporting the attire of a candidate and another member of the exec vacating their position to aid in a Candidate’s campaign. This has all seemed to be just part of the increasingly multifaceted traits of electioneering. However it has all gone a little topsy turvy of late, so much so that people have been banned from boards, for asking where their Welfare Officer was.

In my perusing of these election machinations I have come across censorship, Stalin, rumours of shots named after a candidate and more facebook pictures than you could shake a stick at. So without further ado  I would like to make it clear that The Inkblot does not have any affiliations or preferences to any candidate or position and merely would like to have the most up to date information on the campaign out there. On that note, the following link is worth a gander and to make of what you will.

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